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'Pump & Valve Sources' introduction
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Pump & Valve Sources directly under the Shanghai Yi-hui,it’s main business and affiliated organization is the professional pump &valve media operators of China. We have an efficient design team owns 13 designers.about 40 full time market researchers,successful service for about 2060  industry suppliers and about high quality industry covers the main area of  the south ,the east ,the west and the north of the scale,the number of users and service model etc.,we are all recognized as a  high quality B2B service provider.
After more than 10 years of development,now we have been forming  the organic combination of online(online)-Pump & Valve Sources web(, offline (Offline) - " Pump & Valve Sources”magazine." Pump & Valve Sources Yellow Pages ",Pump & Valve new products and fair meeting,all these help us to set up the service platform from buyers and suppliers in faithful , multi-channel and omnibearing, and to promote more good business opportunities.
● Service Features:Design + Journals + Network + Expo
Our service advantage lies in :Design + Journals + Network + Expo,meaning a profound understanding and flexible use. Our service and customer needs effectively combined to provide "one-stop solution for corporate marketing!"
Name:Pump & Valve Sources       
Add:6-A NO.5, 6th Floor,251 Cao Xi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai City

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