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Dongying Tousin Precision Metal Co. Ltd

  • Brand Name:Dongying Tousin Precision Metal Co. Ltd
  • Company:Dongying Tousin Precision Metal Co. Ltd
  • Website:N/A
  • Area:Beijing
  • Hits:490
  • Updated:2018-01-18
brand Introduction
  Specialized in Precision Castings and Further Processing PartsDongying Tousin Precision metal Co. Ltd has been a professional manufacturer for different kinds of precision castings and further processing parts. We have our own foundry, CNC machining workshop and handcraft polishing workshop, and came into existence in 2007. Over 95% of our products are exported to North America, Europe, Japan and Oceania. We adopt the lost wax process to serve a huge variety of markets that require metal parts in stainless steel, carbon steel and different kinds of alloy steel, including industrial machinery parts, architectural castings, pump and valve bodies, impellers and other accessories, hardware tools, construction castings and hardware, marine hardware, pipe fittings, auto parts, mining and earthmoving machinery accessories, and more. We are able to supply precision castings in many conditions involving heat treatment, machining, handcraft polishing, electropolishing an...
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