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Ningbo Huaping Metalwork Co. Ltd

  • Brand Name:Ningbo Huaping Metalwork Co. Ltd
  • Company:Ningbo Huaping Metalwork Co. Ltd
  • Website:N/A
  • Area:Zhejiang宁波市
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  • Updated:2018-01-21
brand Introduction
 One of the Largest Valve Manufacturers
Ningbo Huaping metalwork, established in 2003, is one of the largest valve manufacturers in mainland China. We export 95 percent of our output and our annual sales exceed $18 million.
300 Tons of Valves Monthly
Our 300 employees manufacture brass and bronze valves and fittings. We produce 300 tons of valves every month to meet your volume needs. Our R&D staff of 25 develops 20 new styles every month for your selection. We welcome your custom projects and can develop your sample within 20 days. Our CNC drilling and machining systems from Taiwan give us production speed. And that's why we can deliver your valves 10 days faster than the 40 days you'll wait with most other suppliers.
Backed by 25 QC Inspectors
We maintain quality by handling all production in-house at our 40,000-square-meter factory. And our 25 QC inspectors check every valve to ensure you get products that meet your specifications. Our products carry UL approvals. Some of our big buyers include Conbraco, KF, Watts, Dixon and CLA-VAL. They appreciate our capacity and service. We think you will too.
Get in Touch with Us Today
To learn more, contact us or browse our online selection and then e-mail us today.
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