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2016 China (Shanghai) of the eighth international vacuum industry exhibition

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Date 2017-12-01 to 2017-12-03
City Shanghai
Address Shanghai pudong longyang road no. 2345 (near fang dian road)
Hall Shanghai new international expo center
Organizer China association of equipment management
Sponsor Ring embellish exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD
General Information
 The exhibition advantage
2016 China (Shanghai) of the eighth international vacuum industry exhibition, is a well-known professional exhibitions in China, the exhibition in order to "scientific and technological innovation, brand, value optimization solution" as the theme, to promote industry upstream and downstream oriented service innovation;Do the accurate pulse vacuum industry and the real needs and trends of the industry, upstream and downstream implements intelligence, information fusion, the construction of upstream and downstream communication platform, to create brand and image, vacuum vacuum industry market is in the "golden development" for a long time, for the exhibitors in China, increase the dealer in Shanghai is a way to get more market share.Including the vast majority of manufacturers in vacuum equipment manufacturers, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang and areas.Thus, the attraction of Shanghai vacuum vacuum industry market is to be reckoned.The exhibition, sponsored by assisting both, dig the vacuum industry manufacture and active distribution agent in the line upstream and downstream, using our existing precision high frequency phone mail invitation agency database.Not only that, for the vacuum equipment, market network, marketers will field development, for its merchants group to visit the exhibition!The vacuum industry, giant is to speed up the strategic layout of the Chinese market, but as to enhance our capacity for independent innovation, gradually shorten the technology gap with foreign enterprises, the vacuum equipment enterprises in our country also has to provide users with the most advanced, the most suitable products.
At the same time, also hope that through our efforts to make your company can in this year's biggest harvest!We joint numerous units support, the exhibition will bring together a number of powerful suppliers show advanced equipment, with the latest technologies and services.Organizer with years of rich experience in exhibition will develop a strong organization propaganda work, from vacuum equipment, new products and technology, producers, distributors, user communication platform, industry merchants, agents, products (buyers and sellers) business communication platform and so on, at the appointed time, purchaser and supplier will together, in the interactive business environment and industry peers communicate key technologies, exhibitors will have an excellent chance to expand their business.We focus on vacuum equipment, innovative technology promotes the exchanges and cooperation with customers, provide global manufacturers with trading platform and image display, brand promotion, marketing and communication platform for the powerful, is one of the suppliers and buyers can't miss the event, looking forward to your participation! 
The exhibition highlights
Seamless docking through vacuum at the scene of the industrial chain a deal: directly with merchants face-to-face talks during the expo, facilitate reached intent.Enterprise and product promotion, the exhibition is a kind of three-dimensional advertising, enhance understanding of the products, services, and buyers should accept.Set up the enterprise image, in the same industry and users to establish a good corporate image, improve industry position.Further understand the market, understand the demand of the market in the communication with buyers and potential, more intuitive and accurate than the daily market research.Develop the market, establishing marketing channels: use to attend the exhibition development market and looking for customers, looking for an agent or joint venture partners.Broaden the international perspective, to achieve the effective international cooperation platform, through several professional cooperation media to release the publicity, advertising and text together the latest sales information, the theme of a series of seminars and creating effective sales environment.Continuously promote the exhibition, the exhibition plans in other related exhibition distributed, mail way to send out invitations, tickets, through this exhibition meeting from domestic and foreign customers with high quality, make more accurate products and enterprises to go global.
The schedule
Report: the exhibition on November 29, 30, 2016 open curtain: on December 1, 2016
Tabled show: 1 December 2016-3, move-in: on December 3, 2016
The exhibition scope
1. Vacuum to obtain equipment;Rotary vane vacuum pumps, oil diffusion pump, roots vacuum pump, oil pump, turbomolecular pump, titanium sublimation pumps.
2. The application of vacuum equipment: all kinds of vacuum metallurgy and heat treatment equipment, vacuum plating equipment, vacuum packaging equipment, etc.;    
3. The vacuum coating equipment, including a variety of target, the target material, consumption materials and various kinds of power supply;Vacuum coating processing
4. The nano science and technology and equipment, nano materials and nano device
5. Vacuum valves and vacuum components: including all kinds of vacuum electronic components, accessories and vacuum vacuum system dynamic and static sealing device, etc.;
6. Vacuum measurement and calibration of instruments, meters and vacuum leak detection instrument;
7. Vacuum engineering materials, vacuum pump oil, form a complete set of equipment;
8. A variety of surface equipment, all kinds of laboratory testing instruments, analytical instruments, etc.
Promotional services
2016 China (Shanghai) of the eighth international vacuum industry exhibition, the high-end media both at home and abroad for all-round three-dimensional propaganda promotion, finance, Volkswagen, and now network, flat, and many other media cooperation, based on the powerful media public relations, will wholeheartedly for exhibitors to invite professional visitors to visit negotiate.Intelligent building industry and scientific research units of decision makers, managers, engineers use host powerful database, using E-mail, telephone invite media cooperation way to absorb professionals to come to the meeting with the user;Interchangeable resources, invited a number of related fields are interested companies to visit and negotiate cooperation;Continue to consolidate the brand image of "international vacuum industry exhibition".
High-end interview, such as your company (exhibitors) need to high-end media interview reports, or need to release new products, new technology, can have contact with the organizing committee, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
The cost
The exhibition project specifications and requirements of domestic foreign joint venture enterprise
╳ standard booth 3 m 3 m 14800 yuan/RMB 18800 / a 26000 yuan/a
Double ╳ conducted a 3 m 3 m 15800 yuan/RMB 19800 / a 27000 yuan/a
Indoor space 36 m squared minimum 1480 yuan/m squared squared is 2800 yuan, 1800 yuan/m/m squared
Standard booth configuration includes: each standard booth on three sides wall board, two spotlights, one desk, two chairs, carpet, 220 v ac power plug a, lintel board, etc in both Chinese and English.Indoor light to the booth without any configuration: (36 ㎡ of the required). 
【 catalogue advertising 】
Cover inside front cover inside back cover back cover page inside pages of text color profile
20000 yuan, 16000 yuan, 10000 yuan to 15000 yuan, 10000 yuan, 6000 yuan to 2000 yuan
The exhibition contact
Contact: vacuum industry exhibition organizing committee
Telephone: 021-6051, 6642 mail box: 3335774729
The true: 021-6419 9232 contact: He Rongfeng 15921245083
We sincerely invite domestic and overseas clients to cooperate with you, looking forward to your participation!The conference website:
After the 7 th of precipitation, will be (Shanghai new international expo center) in the 8th

Contact information
Contact HeRongfeng
Address: Shanghai
Zip Code: 320046
MSN:快乐飞艇计划二机灵系统:[email protected]
QQ: 3335774729
Support unit: China machinery industry association, China association of surface engineering processing, electronic materials branch of the China electronic institute, vacuum society in various provinces
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