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Pipe fittings processing method of stamping, forging, roller processing methods such as description

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Note: Pipe fittings processing method there are many, many also belongs to the category of mechanical machining, use most is the stamping method, forging method, processing method of roller, rolling, ballooning, tensile, bending, and composite processing method
 Pipe fittings processing is the combination of machining and metal pressure processing.Is illustrated as follows:
Forging method: use the swaging machine will be rushed out, pipe end part or reduce diameter, commonly used type of forging machine with rotary, connecting rod type, roller type. 
Stamping method: on the punch with a tapered core of tube end expanding to the required size and shape. 
Roller method: placed in the tube core, peripheral with wheeled push, used for circular edge processing. 
Rolling method: generally need not spindle, suitable for thick wall pipe inside circular edge. 
Forming method: there are three kinds of methods are commonly used, a method called stretching method, another method called stamping method, and the third is more familiar with roller method, there are three or four roller, roller, an adjusting roller, two fixed adjusting fixed roller distance, finished pipe is bent.Wide in application of this method, if the production of spiral pipe, curvature can be increased. 
Ballooning method: one is placed in the tube rubber, with punch, compression, tube bulge forming;Another method is the hydraulic bulge forming, in the central tube filled with liquid, the liquid pressure the pipe drum into the required shape, as we most commonly used corrugated pipe production using this method.
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